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Meet Nicole

Founder, Nicole Van Lun, became a first-time mom to twins in 2020 when the world turned upside down. Immediately, most of the "motherhood" stuff she was studying and preparing for went out the window. The societal norm  of "moms doing everything" was immediately becoming untenable due to all of the added responsibilities of life being added to the plates of mainly moms. The balance of  working from home, virtual schooling, meal planning/prep for all day were the main frustrations in all of the online mom groups that Nicole was a member in. And frankly, Moms were losing it.   She knew immediately that this 'idea' of selfcare had to become an everyday practice for Moms to continue to be well-enough to take care of their family, and a pedicure every 3 weeks was not going to cut it anymore for "selfcare." 


With Gorgeous Confidence, we are approaching selfcare for moms through simple skincare.  Also, it guarantees that you'll have at least 10 minutes a day (5 minutes in the morning and at night) for me-time. 


Nicole's BIG mission is to help Moms to Thrive. Because let's face it, when Mom is thriving, so is everybody else.

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